About us

Every good philosophy starts with a “why”.
So does ours.


We are convinced that in any conflict there should be a new beginning. No matter how long, intense and entangled the conflict may be. Because of this, we are committed to not only finding a better ending but also a clear new beginning for our clients.



Gantenberg Dispute Experts is a boutique firm specializing in complex disputes and their resolution. We represent our clients before state courts, national and international arbitral tribunals as well as in other fields of alternative dispute resolution. We understand the economic opportunities and risks facing our clients and unravel knots and entanglements. We develop strategies – and most of all – solutions with and for our clients. At Gantenberg Dispute Experts, we advise our clients and prepare for potential upcoming conflicts. We favour initiating proceedings when it is in the best interest of our clients.



Conflicts are complex, emotional, human, technical and legal. With our experience as arbitrators and party representatives in complex cross-border disputes, we explore the matters from different perspectives. We can do more than just litigate. We think outside the box. We differentiate. We operate with focus. We understand the subject matter.


Our team gladly accepts any challenge. We are innovative, curious, personable, and empathetic. Where special knowledge is required, we team up with exceptionally qualified colleagues from our national and international network.