All along the way.

To be able to fully concentrate on resolving a dispute, one must have a firm understanding of all procedural matters. Only those who are well-versed in the procedure and have a solid overview are able to actively manage a dispute.

We are dispute experts.

We appear in arbitration and state court proceedings. Whatever our role may be. Even before the case goes to trial.

Independently or as a dispute resolution specialist in a team with partner firms.

What we offer


International and national, commercial and in the field of investment protection.

As party representatives, we have worked in successful dispute teams. We are familiar with the processes and particularities of different procedural rules and places of arbitration.

As arbitrator, we are familiar with the perspective of an arbitral tribunal and are committed to efficient and pragmatic management of the proceedings.

As co-counsel we assist foreign colleagues in their arbitral proceedings involving German law, and colleagues from other fields of expertise with our specialized knowledge.

Court Proceedings

German state court litigation, including preliminary and interim relief.

We handle complex commercial and corporate litigation, including cases relating to white collar crime, before state courts. We have litigated high-volume disputes in contractual and corporate matters and coordinated parallel litigation.

We manage arbitration-related proceedings as a part of our comprehensive services in arbitration matters. We represent clients in arbitration-related litigation and in proceedings for annulment and exequatur.

Of course, we also take care of the enforcement of judgments, arbitral awards and other enforceable titles to achieve a better ending.

Alternative dispute resolution and consulting

The entire range of services that may lead to resolution of a dispute.

We draft dispute resolution clauses long before a dispute arises. From our litigation experience, we know what realistically works.

We advise in pre-litigation settings to avoid disagreements from turning into protracted legal proceedings. We represent our clients’ interests out of court in conciliation and mediation proceedings.

We run adjudication proceedings; we also advise and see our clients through parallel negotiations if alternative solutions should or can be sought.

We negotiate and draft settlements. Ulrike Gantenberg has extensive experience in designing contracts from her work in M&A and corporate advisory. We know the solutions that work in practice.